Our Story

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Where it all began...

BF Engineering Recycling & Services Ltd was Founded in January 2011 in West Wales. Initially servicing machinery and equipment in the recycling industry, accross the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland, we quickly built a strong customer base nation wide.

From servicing shredders to maintaining entire blue chip companies, we quickly grew to meet demand and customer requirements across the recycling industry.

Early growth...

In 2012 we moved into our premises in Lampeter expanding the company to cater for machine repairs, refurbs and a blade grinding department. Also giving us the stores department able to hold and stock a large amount of spare parts for an array of machinery and equipment.

2 years later in 2014, the decision was made to design and manufacture our own range of machinery. The brand Wolfe Technology was created and we quickly got to work on designing the single shaft shredder, the foundation to the Wolfe brand.

In 2017 our first shredder was manufactured, the Wolfe 800 single shaft shredder, which we installed for our client to enable them to shred their waste wood to use for heat. Not only did this prevent their waste wood from ending up in landfill, but it has enabled them to turn their waste wood into a valuable fuel which they use to heat their factory, and also to sell on to customers.

In 2019, after many sales for the wood, plastic, and steel indursty, we constructed our first biomass wood processing system, shredding waste wood to manufacture animal bedding.

A household name...

Our team has developed a wealth of experience through servicing machinery from many manufacturers, across a rapidly growing customer base, and we quickly became the called upon company for servicing and maintenance; but now, with our combined knowledge and experience, we provide the option for bespoke, robust, high quality machinery and systems - all built and manufactured at our factory in Lampeter, West Wales.

We are proud to be able to say that all of our machinery and equipment is manufactured in-house at our factory, giving us full control over the build quality, and giving the customer the peace of mind that your product is British manufactured.

Constructing the WOLFE 1200